ZB – Influenza

This is the second track of the I Love You, But EP. The track is called Influenza and comes along with a variety of remixes.

Once again the original shows the way here. A rocksolid prog-tech track with a pumping and pushing baseline, electrostabs a catchy vocal riff and a lot of acid bleeps makes this a peaktime floorfiller.

On the remixduties this time are new breed Tommy Dee, Chris Drifter, Yoonior and last but not least Michael&Levan and Stiven Rivic!

The Tommy Dee is a very dark, trippy and druggy remix with lots of delays and reverbs with a minimalistic groove.

Chris Drifter turns the original into a very danceable solid Prog-Tech-House remix. He managed to reassemble the original bouncing baseline into an even catchier one. On top of it he put a very warm deep baseline and some ethnic female vocalprashes. Together with some high hypnotic acid bleeps this remix sure lifts up a dancefloor.

Once again Yoonior managed to create a more laidback housey version. A very friendly warm up track that for sure will drag some women onto the dancefloor.

Last but not least, one of today’s finest in the Prog Housescene Michael&Levan and Stiven Rivic turned the original into a Prog-Tech House monster. This remix really feels like having the flu inside yourself. With a very strong uplifting drive this remix will tear up many dancefloors for sure. This is a true type M&L+SR remix. Deep, demanding and dominating. No mercy. Just go! Hearing is believing.