ZB – I Was In The Twilo

Once  again an artist who joined the label in a early state returns to the label. This it is ZB who signed his track I Was In The Twilo to LuPS for the 086th release. The Original of I Was In The Twilo is a true type ZB track is an amazing tune with a haunting vibe and spooky elements and some very good synthstabs and solid drive and percussion.

The first remix comes from ZB’s fellow country mate Yura. His remix is more minimal Tech House based and contains a stomping beat and demanding groove.  Yura added a catchy male vocal snippet, some dirty acidic elements and some great percussion elements. Wicked remix.

The second remix comes from Joseph Garam. He is new to the label and he shows up with a Deep House version with a jazzy twist and feel.

Last remix comes from Greek producer T-Dallas. His remix is more housey. A danceable bongo groove with a great bassline is the backbone for a tweaked morphed synthstab which slighlty become the main catchy element in this remix. Halfway the track this synthstab gets filtered during the break and then the track finally takes off. This remix grows after a few times.