ZB – Felicidad

ZB returns to LuPS with another Original track. This time he delivers a Prog Breaks tune with a Tech House vibe. The original has been put together with razorblade precision. With a growling bassline, a fistfull of haunting synthriffs, crsipy percussion and a female Spanish voice this track just rocks.

First remix comes from Mavann. His remix is also Prog Breaks but far more lovier then the Original. Mavann took out the the growling bassline and the haunting synthriffs and added some delicate appreggio lines. A soothing version.

Last remix comes from Stanisha. He made a 4 to the floor remix that is just bubbling and swirling. This remix contans a few cool reverbs and fx’s on the original elements. Also Stanisha added a new gorgeous eerie melodyline. WIth a stunning breakdown that gives you shivers this remix is the one to watch for.

Release date: August 1st, 2012