Yura – Planet B 612

As one thing can be expected from LuPS is it the fact that it is not only a label for the more wellknown prog-house artists. Every now and then new talent will be introduced. This time LuPS has picked up Yura (György Brandhuber) from Hungary. For sure he is a new rookie with his driving and more uptempo Tech House style that combines elements from Trance and Prog-House. Future releases in 2010 can be expected from him.

The Original and Club Mix are both from his hands. The Original is a solid pumping catchy Tech House with all the right ingredients. Crispy rolling percussion, big baseline and sharp synthriffs that get stuck in your head for days. The Club Mix is a bit darker and a more hypnotic and trancey version. Once again a solid baseline pushes this track forward.

Also new on LuPS is the a new duo from Argentina called Kradmoogy (German Lopez and Guido Percich). They show up with a more laidback and chilling version. A lightweight beat and percussion structure with a arped baseline forms the backbone of this remix. On top of it they’ve created a few new layers and arps. This is afterhour chilling stuff.

To complete the package labelowner Jacco@Work turned the Original into a more Tech Trance version. Driving beats and percussion and a pumping baseline are combined with spaced out fx’s, new arps and synthlines are creating a whole new atmosphere.