Yura – Mandala

After his well received release called Planet B 612 Yura now returns with a very strong EP.
The Original of Mandala is a catchy percussive and baseline driven track with all the right ingredients to set a dancefloor on fire.

Tommy Dee and Silence’O’Phobia took a totaly different approach and turned the Original into a soothing deep house track based upon a steady warm kickdrum and cosy rolling baseline. This is just the perfect track on a lazy warm day.

Jacco@Work also to a different way and as usual he turned on his filterboxes and added some weird fx’s and acidic crispyness onto his remix. Based upon a steady rolling groove this track drags you into a mindless voyage.

Swiss duo Sweet&Sour are newcomers on LuPS and their debut is a good one. They are taking us back to the early days of House when the maximum sampletime was just 2 seconds and the beats where just simple. For sure this remix will shake up the dancefloor when it gets played on peaktime hour because the synthstabs in the break are just hands in the air!!

Last remix comes from Yura’s fellow talented countrymate Genuine Mien. Also he is new on LuPS and to make it even more interesting this remix is his first release ever. What has he done with the Original? well he turned it into a crispy, dark and spooky Progressive Techno adventure. This remix are causing shivers down your spine. The break is a mixture of classic music with pounding ruthless Techno. This is a peaktime stroboscope track which goes down well for sure.

The second Original of Yura is called Neon City. This track is more Tech House and Electro based. A demanding baseline and crispy percussion are the backbone. On top of it again very catchy leadlines and synths. For sure a track that will find its way to the dancefloor.

First remix of Neon City comes from Xplore. This remix is Tribal House to the max and is totally different then the Original. A deep baseline, tribal percussion and eerie synthsounds are taking you into higher atmospheres.
A perfect afterhour track.

Second remix comes form Russian prodigy Matrick. He kept it close to the original but added a strong and massive baseline that is doing just it’s work so well. Besides that he also added a new even more catchy leadline. This remix is just topnotch stuff and a sure shot.

Last remix comes from Motion X. Motion X is an alias of Phasebase and then you know what to expect!
Dirty electro baselines, filtered sounds and fire on the dancefloor. Despite that this remix is also a bit close to the Original it is different and catchy enough to stand on it’s own. Also a sure shot.