Wav-E – Skyview

LuPS it’s 70th release bring an Original from Wav-E called Skyview. Branko Stojanovski (Wav-E) is a Macedonian music producer who lives in Germany. It is very hard to define his style, because he is an artist that makes all kinds of music: House, Chill Out, New Age, Trance, Techno and Breakbeats.

The Original of Skyview is a true type Progressive Trance track with a rather catchy hookline that will stuck into your head. Bassed upon the Wav-E trademark sounds like a steady pounding kickdrum and a warm bassline this track makes you feel good and happy. A sure shot track when you want to please the women on the dancefloor.

The first remix comes from Dutch producer Sjoerd Korsuize. He took things really seriously with his remix and shows up with a downtempo remix with a fingerlicking bassline and slick percussion. This the perfect lazy sunday afternoon track.

The second remix comes from Kris Brown. This strong remix just rocks your pants off. A steady kickdrum and an arpped bassline with tight percussion is showing you the way towards a goosebumping breakdown with a huge build up. After the break it all starts over again. A sure shot.

To put the icing on the cake F-act shows up with an airtight remix of Skyview. A remix like only F-act can deliver them. Everything is in the right position here. Once again a majestic groove with silky layers of sounds and a couple of great fx’s is all what is necessary to give you the perfect feeling for a great night out. Peaktime hour track.