Ville N. – Oceania

LuPS it’s 132nd release is a track of a young producer from Finland called Ville Nikanen. His productions are trademarked by a complex structure of spacey epic and trancey soundlayers. The Original version takes you deep beneath the surface of the ocean and could easily be used as background soundsĀ for a Jean Jacques Cousteau movie. Long woven soundlayers are creating a liquid moody atmosphere. The driving beats are making this track danceable at the same time.

The first remix is the Avatar Breaks Remix and also comes from Ville himself. Also this version contains that typical soundstructure, but Ville added some new pianostabs and some extra lines to create a breathing angelic atmosphere.

The second remix comes from Stanisha. When you give this guy a remixpackage it is always a surprise how things are turning out. It seems that he was really inspired because he is delivering two remixes of Oceania. Stanisha’s first remix is a blend of all sorts of percussion, bubbling fx’s and synthstabs. A solid bassline is pushing the track forwards into a great lushy vibe with a superb drive. Halfway the breakdown a real cool female voice drops in. Together with the great watersoundeffect (you really think that the water is coming out of your speakers this remix feels like a deep dive underneath the watersurface

Stanisha’s second remix is called the Deep Sonar Remix. This remix dives even deeper into magic world of soundscaping. With great reverbs, echoed sounds and weird fx’s Stanisha is exploring and investigating the oceanbottom. This remix is like a submarine.  The deeper it goes the more tensed it gets. A remix only for the strong and braveharts amongst us. Spooky, haunting and goosebumping.

The third remix of Oceania comes from Maxi Iborquiza. His remix is close to the original but with a more distinctive groove and flow. Maxi also added a couple of new melodylines to spice things up.

The last remix comes from Franzis-D. His remix is a true type Franzis-D remix. A big kickdrum, all sorts of percussion, eerie soundscapes and spacey fx’s and solid percussionloops are the main elements for this gloomy remix.

Release date: October 3rd, 2012