VERSA7LE – Stratosphera

LuPSRec 165 brings another Spanish producer. Mauro Rodal aka VERSA7ILE is DJ and Producer from VIGO (Galicia, Spain) He was  born in 1981.  Ever since his childhood he was interested in Music.  Over the last 10 years he has spent much time in dj booths played on a lot of festivals and clubs across  the north of Spain. In 2013 he started a the project called VERSA7ILE, Producing Deep & Progressive House, a style that predominates in his DJ sessions. Under his VERSA7ILE moniker he became the winner of a remixcontest on Spring Tube.

Now it is time for his 1st release on LuPS. His track Stratosphera is such a tune that instantly grabs your attention because of the majestic synthlines on top of a wobbly but yet very danceable groove. The Original of Stratosphera is a unique blend of sounds and melodies which are causing a perfect summerish feel and vibe for warming up sets.

The first remix comes from Modular Circus. Hailing from Greece this duo (Harris Sgourdas (aka Blusoul) and George Georgakopoulos) delivers a more uptempo remix with a amazing atmosphere and depth. They used the short arpline of the Original to create a hypnotic groove. On top they placed a handfull of haunting delayed synthstabs which are causing a goosebumping atmosphere. As icing on the cake the whawah fx’s in this remix are just mindblowing. Top notch remix from this fresh duo.

The second remix comes from Steve Ness. Steve recently entered the scene with a couple of cool Original productions. His remix of Stratosphera kicks of with a tough and well constructed groove sits at the foundation.  A couple of synthstabs are building some nice intensity towards the main breakdown. When the whole arrangement gets back together the track changes into a steamy, druggy and hypnotic stomper.

The last remix comes from fast rising Spanish producer Dr. Avalance. His superb rework of Stratosphera starts with a rather demanding crispy groove together with a great bassline which is pushing this track forwards. The ambient melodic elements and glimmering atmospheric accents are doing their job pretty well to create an outerspace adventure. The introduction of a couple of new synthlines and spacey fx’s are really making the difference in this remix. Surely when during the breakdown section Dr. Avalance introduces some very cool male voxes on top of a few heavy filtered and tweaked synthriffs. Then when it all gets back together there is no way to escape anymore. Simon Gomez proves with this stunning remix that he is a producer to look after for the near future. 

Release date: June 12th, 2013