Varouis Artists – Spread It Till I Die 3

After the well recieved 1st and 2nd Spread It Till I Die Samplers it is now time for the 3rd edition. With a growing amount of quality submissions to LuPS Records over the recent months we surely now know that Progressive is still vital and alive and even think that it will never die, simply because it is music from the heart.

This Sampler is a fine blend of new breed talents like Travis Sher, Sjoerd Korsuize, Silver Cream, ManGroove and IN5UM amongst the more established names like Psychowsky, Leach, Aggressor, Eiad Sayegh and Matias Chilano.

All these artist do have one thing in common. They have put their soul into their music. In this way this Sampler is a good guide to become (even) more familiar with the sound of LuPS and the featured artists on this Sampler.
We surely believe that you’ll understand the beauty that lies within each track.

The 1st track comes from Mister Leach (aka Leach) from Belgium. Take Me Back is a fine example of crossover between House, Pop and 80 music. For sure you will remind the good old New Beat parties back in the 80’s. 

The 2nd track comes from established producer Matias Chilano. Since he released his 1st tracks on LuPS Records back in 2008 this guy keeps on growing with his production.  His Deep House orientated track Ionosphera is once again a solid example why you see Matias his releases everywhere.

The 3rd track comes from new kid on the block Silver Cream. Hailing from Serbia he brings Onyx. A kind of unusual piano bassed track with an old school vibe and feel makes this a fine gimmick track.

The 4th track comes from Pierre Sebastiano. Imagine Your Desire contains a firm and steady beat plus baseline. Together with crispy percussion and swirlling synths this track is once again a true type Pierre Sebastiano track.

The 5th track comes from new breed talent Travis Sher. It is probaly hard to believe that this very talented producer never has had a release before. With his track Sunday Brunch, Travis proves that he is a producer to look after in the near future. His track Sunday Brunch is a  well balanced Deep House track with a fingerlicking drive and baseline. A perfect setstarter for a great night out or a convertible drive along the shore with your girl.

The 6th track comes from Russian duo IN5UM. These two great producers are rapidly paving themselves a path into musical wonderland. Their track Russia is a fine example of  what tose guys are capable of. A solid and absolutley pounding kickdrum, a warm baseline and Trancy synthlines. arps and melodies makes this track a feel good track for all these upcoming outdoor summer events.

The 7th track comes from new breed and promising talent from The Netherlands Sjoerd Korsuize. Just like Travis Sher it is hard to imagine that this guy did’nt have a release before. Gloom is a track that grows. Eachtime you hear new elements which you hadn’t heard the time before. Based upon a bumping kickdrumpattern all kind of layers are coming by and this is causing a hypnotic effect. A sure shot when you want people go mad.

The 8th track comes from Aggressor. With a string of releases on established labels you know that you can’t go wrong with his tracks. 1994 is again proving this. This track sweeps you way back in time when a dirty sax line drops in half way the track. For sure this track rips up a dancefloor and makes the crowd go wild. Peaktime floorfiller stuff.

The 9th track comes from Argentina producer Maxi Iborquiza. Nederlands is an experimental track with a lushy and laidback feel. Lovely pads, arps and synthlines are creating a relaxing atmosphere for thos necessary chill out moments in life.

The 10th track comes from Future Life (aka Phasebase). Simplee is a traditional Deep House track to the max. A solid deep groove, some organstabs and swirlling and bubbling synthlines are all the necessary ingredients for a solid warming up tune.

The 11th track is a rework of Eiad Sayegh, Ollie V themselves of their already released track Intactness. The Retro Mix grabs back to the early days and also does has that same no-nonse homemade feel. This Retro Mix does even sounds more like “Fade To Grey” then the Original and even explores the acidregions of your mind and speakers.

Track number 12 comes from Greece. Psychowsky delivers a bomb track! House Is A Feeling and that is what it is. Just check out what Psychowsky wants to let you feel. This is pure and very well produced dancefloor pleasure bomb and for sure you will feel that uncontrolable desire to jack your body.

The last tracks from Romanian producer ManGroove. He is one of the producers behind the earlier sQLSound releases and remixes on LuPS Records. With Bob Tried To Steal My Cookies, ManGroove delivers a chugging and druggy Minimal Tech House track with a bite. This is a real late night track which makes you lose control.