Various Artists – Spread It Till I Die Sampler

Various Artists – Spread It Till I Die Sampler (feat. Ocinirom&K-pax, East Café, ZB, Phonic Deep, DJ Toppy, MISHAlekseev, Matias Chilano, Jacco@Work and Pierre Sebastiano.

Is it dead??? Is it still alive??? Today’s conversations about Progressive House Music are filled with a variety of opinions and points of view about the vitality of this genre. We at LuPS Records think that Progressive is still vital and alive and even think that it will never die out, simply because it is music from the heart. That’s why we release this 9 track Sampler with original work only. From artists who already have had their releases on LuPS or will have releases in the near future., Artists who have put their soul into their music.

In this way this Sampler is a good guide to become (even) more familiar with the sound of LuPS.
We surely believe that you’ll understand the beauty that lies within each track.

First track up ZB – Deep Mood. After his massive I Love You, But EP ZB returns with a deeper track as an opener on this first Sampler. Deep Mood is a moody laidback track. The hypnotic relaxing synthlines combined with some female vocal snippets are all the ingredients that are necessary to make this a sleazy track.

Second track up is DJ Toppy – Homeland. Toppy already made some cracking remixes for LuPS over the last year and his unique style of old school progressive with big baselines and great beats has been received very well. This time Toppy shows up with a melodic deep progressive track which contains some ethnic elements from Bulgarian folklore female singers.

Third track up is East Café – Permanent. East Café his work could be best described as ambient movie picture sound progressive. This track is no exception. It just breaths and inhales and it doesn’t let you go. For those who people who can easily visualize. This is Highway music at a speed of 100mph at midnight.

Fourth track up we have MISHAlekseev – NewHome. This breaks track with it’s crispy old school electro beatstructure combined with eerie and fragile soundscapes and lushy guitarloop is a perfect setopener.

Fifth track up is a collaboration track. Jacco@Work & Matias Chilano – Paintstripper. This track is a catchy and funky ride. The magnificent well programmed beats and percussion combined with a thick baseline and catchy synthlines makes this track a great setbuilder to set some good mood on the dancefloor.

Sixth track up is Matias Chilano – Last Morning. This is a perfect rocksolid shimmering piece of progressive. This track manages to create an impact with each additional layer and contains a melodyline which is hard to erase out of your musical brainsection. For sure an excellent set builder.

Seventh track up is Phonic Deep – Illuminati. After doing several well received remixes on LuPS it was about time to release original work from those talented Bulgarian guys. And how do they managed to show their skills? Here at LuPS, this is what we call Progressive from the heart.
Delicate well programmed beats and a goosebumping synthline and a big fat baseline is all what is needed to make you beg for more. Probably their best track to date.

Eight track up is Pierre Sebastiano – Movies And Popcorn. This track is a typical Pierre Sebastiano track. Tight beats and percussion and a growling baseline, catchy arps and some fine synthlines will take you to a higher level.

Ninth and last track up is Ocinirom & K-pax – Orgasm. This is dancefloor stuff in optima forma. Crispy percussionloops and a pumping baseline are combined with some great melodies, vocalsnippets and soaring synthlines. For sure an excellent set builder as well.