Various Artists – Spread It Till I Die 2

After the well recieved first Sampler it is time for the second Sampler on LuPS Records. We at LuPS Records think that Progressive is still vital and alive and even think that it will never die, simply because it is music from the heart. That’s why we release this second 6 track Sampler with original work only. From artists who already have had their releases on LuPS or will have releases in the near future. Artists who have put their soul into their music.
In this way this Sampler is a good guide to become (even) more familiar with the sound of LuPS.
We surely believe that you’ll understand the beauty that lies within each track.

1st track comes from Toppy. Sun Day Off is a laidback moody track in the typical Toppy style. Crispy beatstructures and eerie soundscapes combined with delicate arplines makes this track a perfect afternoon track.

2nd track comes from upcoming talent Dockoff. In Spirit is exactly the right name for this track. A solid beatstructure is combined here with danceable percussion and synthsounds that puts your spirit into a dancing and happy mood.

3rd track comes from Eiad Sayegh. This track is very fine piece of art and shows you the deep and darkside of progressive house. It contains all the right ingredients for a mindless ride thru time and space.

4th track comes from Matias Chilano. This guy needs no introduction. Matias is one of LuPS leading artists. Each Original or remix of his hands is a well received piece of music. Beat & Experiment is no exception and again Matias shows his talented and skills for yet another stunning emotional piece of music.

5th release comes from anoter Argentinian guy called Maxi Iborquiza. He shows up with Lagoon. A more tech house orientated track with a very summerish vibe and danceable groove. For sure this track will shake up some dancefloors.

To complete this release the 6th and last track is a remix of an earlier release on LuPS. Xplore from Romania made a 3rd remix of Phasebase – Heavy Machinery. This version goes even deeper in to sound then the other two previous versions.