Toppy – Incredible Love

The 240th release on LuPS sees the return of one of the first artist on the label. Toppy aka Vasil Mihov delivers a great original track called Incredible Love. Over the past few years Vasil his sounds slightly changed a bit towards Prog Tech House. Besides that his sound also became really mature. What remains is the emotional dazzling depths in his tracks. Incredible Love is no exception to that. The track starts with a crispy appealing beatloop which Vasil combined with a well chosen raw bumping bass synth stab. As the track develops all sorts of bubbling, swirrling arplines are being added which really gives the track a hypnotic feel. On top Toppy placed a few eerie pads. All together Incredible Love is a rocksolid return from Toppy which showcases that Vasil is still a producer to keep an eye on!!

The first remix comes from Billy Alex. He kept the original flavour of the track alive but build a new superb swinging groove which is giving this remix a great flow and vibe. Together with a classic prog house bassline this groove is a perfect foundation for the rest of the track. All the other elements, like the arplines has been put back in this remix to create a hypnotic dreamy atmosphere. Rocksolid remix.

The last remix comes from Robert R. Hardy. What to say about this fast rising talent? Well that he is delivering a massive remix again. Robert is one of those very gifted producers who is capable to deliver timeless quality jewels which are doesn’t loose their glance. This remix is just as fragile and delicate like pure silk. It fluidly drips out of your speakers and sneaks inside your body, mind and soul to stay there and do the necessary job which is easing up your worried mind and restless soul. A must hear track.