Tolga Diler – Today

Today it is time for the 163th release on LuPS. Tolga Diler brings a more summerish vibe to the label with his wobbly track called Today. An unusual off beat rhythmstrcuture and a wobbly one stab bassline has been combined with a few Deep House syntstabs, female vocals, stringsections and a trumpet/flute melodyline.

The first remix comes from Peru and sees the return of Aber on the label. Aber turned the Original into a great clubby tune with a great deep bassline, crispy swinging percusion and a handfull of new elements like a slap bass and a tweaked arped pluck stab. This remix is a great warming up tune.

The last remix sees the return of another LuPS artist. Maxi Iborquiza drowned his remix in a bath filled with a deep hypnotic fluid. A very deep resonating bassline a moody pads and a distored guitar are causing a gloomy atmosphere. The track really takes of when Maxi introduces a Techy synthstab after the breakdown. Together with the driving percussion the whole track comes alive and turns into a peaktime hour spaced out timebomb.


Release date: May 22nd, 2013