Tolga Diler – Noises

The 99th release of LuPS brings an Original from Turkish producer Tolga Diler. Noises is a track which contains a bit of everything. The track kicks of with a Deep House clubby feel but all along the way the track develops at slightly turns into a more Tech House track. Then sudddenly during the break you think that you are listening to a more Trance track and when it all gets back together you are dancing on Deep House again. For sure not an average track but a track that grows after hearing it a couple of times.The first remix comes from G ‘N’ P Tauro. Hailing from Argentina this remix does it’s job from the first kick untill the last. The more minimal Tech House approach of G ‘N’ P Tauro is a monstertune in disguise. A deep pounding groove, some creepy fx’s and a handfull of synstabs are creating the perfect atmosphere for an almost peaktime hour tune. For sure this remix makes you wanna dance.

The 2nd and 3rd remix comes another Argentina producer. Maxi Iborquiza delivered two different remixes. One is called the Pop Remix and this remix easliy could become an anthem with is stuttering female voxes, swirling arped synthlines and catchy melodylines.
The other remix is a deeper approach. Lovely bellsounds and mellow stabs are the key ingredients for a very summerish track. A laidback groove tops it off.

The last remix comes from Greek producer Orelese. His Humanized remix contains a majestic pumping steamy groove and a rocksolid bassline which is really pushing the track forwards.  Some good oldschool synthstabs and arpsounds are creating a perfect hot and sexy atmosphere. This remix is a peaktime hour bomb for sure.


Release date: May 9th, 2012