Tim Robert – Launch Angle

LuPSRec 081 brings forth an original track by Tim Robert. With only a handfull of releases this upcoming talent knows how to create interesting tracks. He’d already showed it with two remixes on LuPS and now he takes off with Launch Angle. The Original work is a solid production with a very catchy bassline and crispy FX’s and synthstabs. Combined with a steady drive and floating melodies this track is a peaktime hour bomb that keeps the energy high and alive.

First remix comes from Greek producer Psychowsky. He nailed down a typical Psychowsky no-nonse pumping groove which is a sure shot. If you aiming to set a dancefloor on floor then this is your pick for sure, because all the ingredients are just there. A haunting bassline, eerie synthlines, catchy synthstabs and floating fx’s all over the place. You can’t go wrong with this remix.

Last remix comes from no one less then Shane! Despite his heavy DJ schedule he did find some time to work on a really stunning and goosebumping remix. From the first note till the last, this remix grabs you by the throat and sneaks into your soul. A heavy weight bassline, delicate strings and fragile melodies are causing an emotional heartbreaking atmosphere that lasts for hours. This remix is not a peaktime hour bomb but a timeless gem that makes you realise that progressive is still alive and kicking.


Release date: May 16th, 2012