The Kinetic Movement – High Buildings, Small People

The 140th release of LuPS Records launches another new talent. Bas Visser aka The Kinetic Movement delivers a more downtempo crossover track with a distinctive groove and feel. His track High Buildings, Small People contains a few syncopatic sounds which he combined with long resonating atmsopheric pads. All together this is causing a fragile moody atmosphere track that grows with each listen.The first remix comes from Stanisha. His remix kicks of with one of the syncopatic bellsounds. All along the way Stanisha slowly builds up his remix in a very touchy and emotional way. For sure when he introduces a sublime and heartbreaking new melodyline at 1.50 minutes. This new melody really makes you feel small and tiny in the big outside world full with concrete skyscrapers. Once again Stanisha proves that he is still on fire.

The second remix comes from labelboss Jacco@Work. His reinterpetation of High Buildings, Small People contains a bouncing groove stuffed up with all sort of percussion and fx’s and white noises. On top he placed a raw sounding arped synthline which he combined with a couple of angelic pads. In the breakdown section the original elements are returning, together with a eerie female vocalsnippet. Halfway the breakdown the track turns into a funky raw breakbeat track for a short moment of time. Just this section really gives the whole remix a few extra balls and a great twist. For sure this is the most dancefloor friendly remix of the package.

The last remix comes from Constan. His remix contains the usual Constan groove. A steady kickdrum and a few sharp percussionloops. Once again Constan managed to build a remix with a hypnotic and druggy atmosphere that contains a haunting dark bassline. This remix is for those very late night afterhour moments.

Release date: February 20th, 2013