T-Dallas – Suspectus

LuPS Records its 122nd release brings back T-Dallas to the label. After his well received Nightwalker including the stunning F-Act remix it is now time for another gem. The original version of Suspectus contains that good old lushy meditereanian prog vibe which was so hot a decade ago. Thanos managed to bring it back to life is a gorgeous way. Suspectus contains a dreamy and foggy atmosphere with a warm bassline, angelic voices and some crispy percussion. This makes this track a solid warm up track.

First remix comes from Franzis-D. As can be expected from Franzis his most recent productions he gave his remix a more Tech House feel. A firm kickdrum and a handfull of percussion elements are creating a pumping groove. On top Franzis placed back all the main elements in such a proper position that it feels that you are listening to a stripped down version of the Original.

Second remix comes from Orelse. His Deep Love Remix kicks of with a rather crispy percussion loops and some well tweaked samples. When the kickdrum drops in you find out that this remix is more downtempo then you might even had thought on first hand. All along the 1st breakdown of the track all kinds of tweaked and filtered sounds are being introduced evoking a bleepy and freaky atmosphere. After the breakdown when everything gets back together the track developed into a swirling and boiling piece prog house. Not a so average remix but one that grows after each listen.

The last remix comes from Loquai. From the first not to the last, this remix grabs you by the throat as it is undefinable deep. The whole intro section has been very well produced and it makes this track a perfect setstarter. With a fingerlicking bassline, a rocksolid kickrum and very well programmed percussion Loquai managed it again to deliver a quality remix.

Release date: October 10th, 2012