T-Dallas – Nightwalker

LuPSRec 090 brings a very strong Original from Greek producer T-Dallas. A big fat but yet very simple bassline sets the mood for a dreamy and floating track. Lushy pads and melodies are topping it all off. A perfect late summer night on the beach track.

First remix comes from man of the moment and remixmachine Stanisha. His organic way of producing tracks can be heard once again. Once more Stanisha managed to laydown a deep moody but yet funky groove on which he placed back all the original elements. In this way his remix is close to the original work but yet different enough to stand out on it’s own. If you like deep then this is your remix.

Second remix comes from Orelse. His remix contains a subtle mediterean groove with a very catchy bassline. This remix is more open then the Original but also perfect for a good night out during summertime on the beach.

Last remix comes from F-Act. His remix is once again just as perfect as a Swiss watch. A deep pounding kickdrum sets the pace for a trippy mindless voyage into the Swissmountains at nighttime. Furthermore a big crispy groove does the job here. Of course on top you will find the proggy F-Act fx’s and spaced out synthlines and layers. A top notch peaktime hour bomb.