T-Dallas – Dark Mirror EP

LuPS Records number 124 brings back T-Dallas again. After his very well recieved release of his track Suspectus it is now time for a two track EP called Dark Mirror. Once again Thanos delivers two strong Originals. The title track is a true type T-Dallas tune with an ambient atmosphere, breathing synths and dazzling depths. A lushy beatstructure with a moody bassline does the rest of the work.The only remix of Dark Mirror comes from talented Russian producer Ewan Rill. He proves again that he is a producer to keep an eye on in the near future. Ewan his remix is just amazing. A swinging groove sets the pace for a perfect setopener. A bold warm bassline really pushes the track forward and it is one of those basslines that you can resist. When the track arrives at the 2.30 minute mark it simply grabs you and doesn’t let you go untill the end. With an effective and yet simple breakdownsection halfway the track ‘Mister’ Rill delivers again a rocksolid production.

The other Original from T-Dallas on this EP is called Before The Midnight. Also this Original contains that atmospheric lushy vibe and feel. Thanos must have been in a loving mood when he created both tunes. Swirling arps, bubbling synthlines and long soundlayers on top of a steady groove are creating a perfect track for a long hot summernight on the beach.

The remix of Before The Midnight has been done by John D. His remix contains a pumping, steamy and danceable groove. The hollow bassline synthstab and the trancy arplines are really the key elements which are taking this remix to a higher level. All together John D delivered an anticipating well overthought and gorgeous remix which has been created for just one purpose and that is feeling good and beatiful on the dancefloor at midnight.

Release date: November 21st, 2012