SuprSi – Vespertine

It is time to introduce a new talent to todays Prog House scene. Simon Molloy aka SuprSi is a producer to keep an eye for the near future. His track Vespertine is his first release ever and already with this track he shows his abillity to create big room peaktime hour old school flavoured Prog House tracks with a rocksolid cutting edge.

The Original takes of with a unusual sounding kickdrum pattern which turns into a slamming 4 to the floor pattern later on. Together with tight programmed percussion and a demanding dark prog bassline you are quickly loosing any kind of time and space. On top Simon placed a fragile yet goosebumping carpet of sounds and spaced out fx’s. As the track delvelops towards the breakdown things are becoming even more interesting with a gorgeous meldoyline and well programmed breakbeats and a deep raw bassline. This is a top notch Original and you can expect more from this talented rookie in the upcoming months.

The first remix comes from Andres W. He returns to LuPS after his great remix QSilver – Outside which has been released earlier this year. Andres turns the Original into a superb floating and grooving track. They way Andres programmed the kickdrum, percussion and bassline is stunning. It delivers a somehow whobbly groove which is so infectious that you simply can’t sit still. This is a more then perfect setbuilder with a bright, breathing, warm, smooth and silky atmosphere which grabs you from the first synthstab to the last. If this remix doesn’t take you into serious higher atmosphere the surely something is wrong with your brains.

To round up this already superb release Bruno Kaufmann shows up with a true type F-Act remix of Vespertine. It has been a while since the last F-Act release took place on LuPS, but we are more then happy that he he is back. And how? His remix kicks of with a huge chugging ruthless groove which easily can be recognised as his. What follows is a well build up track which has been drowned into a 303 acidbath. This remix will squeeze out all the juice of your woofers and tweeters and rocks off the wallpaper for sure. Besides that the 303 acidlines are sneaking into your brains to burn a few holes to leave you behind with a dazzling mind.


Release date: May 14th, 2014