SuprSi – Coppinger Wood

After his very well received debut single Vespertine, Simon Molloy aka SuprSi returns fro another masisve single. His previous released track Vespertine was his first release ever andwith that he showed the world his abillity to create big room peaktime hour old school flavoured Prog House tracks with a rocksolid cutting edge.

The Original of Coppinger Wood contains the same flavour as Vespertine.  Also here a doublelayered kickdrum pattern gives the track a blunted stomping edge. Together with tight programmed percussionlines and a demanding dark prog bassline you are quickly loosing any kind of time and space. On top Simon placed a haunting carpet of dazzling sounds and spaced out fx’s which gives you a big adrenaline rush. Once again a top notch Original.

The first remix comes from SeamLess Beat aka Nick Newman. It is his second release on LuPS. Nick turned the Original into a downtempo spaced out, sleazy dark grooving track. This is remix is a great setbuilder with it’s druggy, moody and spooky atmosphere which takes you back in time as it captures that great old school prog house flavour from around 2000.

To round up this already release Bruno Kaufmann shows up again with another true type F-Act remix. His remix is just massive. Once again Bruno created a monsterous, chugging and ruthless groove to rock your pants of. What follows is a perfectly build up track which just drives you insane with it';s eerie goosebumping soundscapes and slamming percussion. This is a peaktime hour track for all the upcoming open air festivals.


Release date: June 4th, 2014