Steve Ness – Ralph’s Firework EP

Steve Ness returns to LuPS with a strong 2 track EP. The title track is a chugging, more uptempo Prog House track with a Tech House edge flavour.
A pulsating bassline arppregio is setting the pace for a swirling, dazzling ride through time and space. During this ride all sorts of acid flavoured sounds and fx’s are flying in out. For sure there is no way to escape from this mindblowing rollercoaster tune.

The second and last track on this EP is called Ride. This track contains a demanding steady blunted groove with slick well programmed percussionline. As here Steve added all sorts of dazzling sounds, stabs and layers to create a steamy druggy gloomy atmosphere. This is a peaktime hour track which, played on the right moment, easily could set a dancefloor on fire.

Release date: March 26th, 2014