Steve Ness – Can You Hear Me EP

After his very well received Twist Of Faith EP, Steve Ness returns to LuPS with a new two track EP called Can You Hear Me. The title track is a deep chugging monster. As this version doesn’t contain a kickdrum it is a perfect track to start your set with. Steve managed to create a wide soundscape filled up with all sorts of pads, stabs, melodies, fx’s and voice snippets whcih are creating a magical atmosphere.

The only remix of Can You Hear Me comes from no-one less then the duo Noa Romana & Deersky. Their Cosmic Evolution Remix is truly amazing. A crispy percussion groove with a dark prog bassline really pushes the track forward into deep space. Also this remix contains a wide soundscape filled up with all sorts of fx’s, white noises, dreamy pads, arps, sweeps and female voice snippets. To make it short. This remix takes you fluidly to prog heaven.

The second Original track on this EP is called Wild Things. The tracks starts with a deep kicdrum and a simple hihat pattern. On top Steve placed a deep dark pad. As the track moves forward, more percussion is dropping in and the deep eerie pads starts to swell. Then a morphed mellow organ melody is taking over the lead and the tension is rising towards the breakdownsection. There the track dives into the haunting depth of your soul to return again with the morphed mellow organ melody on top of the majestic groove.

The only remix of Wild Things comes from FictiOne. He has done a remarkable job with his remix. A superb swinging groove with a irresistable bassline surely grabs the attention. A thick warm carpet of pads, sweeps, spoken female words and arped melodies are bringing you into exstacy. This remix sneaks under your skin and his is one of those delicious after party tracks.

Release date: December 24th, 2013