Stanisha – The Unconquered EP

LuPSRec 093 finally brings a 3 track EP with Originals only from Serbian producer Stanisha called The Unconquered EP.
The title track The Unconquered kicks of with a lushy and dreamy melody while along the way a huge driving groove takes over track and drowns you into the depth of sound. The bassline is growling and dark and gives the track a spooky haunting invinceble feel.

The second track is called Noosphere and contains a more laidback feel and vibe then the title track. However this track shouldn’t be underestimate because of that. The infectious groove and a slick bassline are just perfect. Together with some bombastic sythnlines, eerie pads and melodylines this track is a monster in disguise.

Last track of this EP is called Sacred Nebula. This track is a deep hypnotic track with a gorgeous bassline and a delicate drive. On top you’ll find those fantasy, heavenly melodylines and soundscapes.

As with most of Stanisha his productions they are sounding fresh, organic and unique. For sure Stanisha is one of the new upcoming leaders of todays prog housescene.

Release date: June 20th, 2012