Stanisha & Milos Ilic – Feel Stronger

LuPS Records 111 brings back Stanisha. This time with a collab track called Feel Stronger. Stanisha rapidly made name an fame with his true and unique sound. With a string of releases on many labels Stanisha has become a producer which can’t be ignored. His track with Milos Ilic is no exception. Feel Stronger is a more darker prog house track with a growling bassline and a light but yet roomy groove. The atmosphere is breathtaking, fragile and sexy. This is one of those tracks for a nightdrive o the highway.

The first remix comes from Neel V and is more melodic. A few reverbed pianostabs on top of a bouncing groove are creating a lushy vibe. Together with ethnic female voices, eerie pads and synthlines this remix became a soothing and relaxing version.

The second remix comes from Charly Aguada. He delivers a hypnotic remix which dives into the depths of your soul. A gorgeous arpline and long woven synthlayers are creating a beautifull emotional atmosphere. This remix is true candy for the ears.

The last remix comes from Constan. This Mexican producer is on the roll lately. His remix contains a strong kick and groove which really pushes the track forwards at lightspeed. All along the way Constan is creating a chugging and druggy hypnotic atmosphere which grabs your attention instantly.

Release date: October 31st, 2012