Spread It Till I Die

After the well recieved other 3 Spread It Till I Die Samplers it is now time for the 4th edition to keep the yearly tradition alive. With a growing amount of quality submissions to LuPS Records over the recent months we surely now know that Progressive is still vital and alive and even think that it will never die, simply because it is music from the heart. This Sampler is a fine blend of new breed talents like Napalm, Snorkle, Mariano Pompeo, Neel V, Furkan Colak and Ville N. amongst the more established names like Franzis-D, Jaap Ligthart, G ‘N ‘ P Tauro, Orelse and Analog Effect & Jacco@Work.

All these artist do have one thing in common. They have put their soul into their music. In this way this Sampler is a good guide to become (even) more familiar with the sound of LuPS and the featured artists on this Sampler.
We surely believe that you’ll understand the beauty that lies within each track.

The 1st track comes from Analog Effect & Jacco@Work. They teamed up once again for cool track called Ramjam. This proggy Tech House track contains a marvelous bassline and a rocksolid drive and neat Fx’s. For sure you this track is a solid setbuilder.

The 2nd and 3rd track comes from established producer Franzis-D. His more Deep House orientated tracks Hiding His Face and Rabid are once again a proper example why you see Franzis-D his releases everywhere at the moment.

The 4th track comes from new kid on the block Furkan Colak. Hailing from Turkey he brings Lust. A steady percussionloop has been combined with some deep synthstabs and a throbbling bassline. This gives the track an old school vibe and feel.

The 5th track comes from G ‘N ‘ P Tauro. Stereo Masque is not an average Deep House Proggy track but one that needs a few listens before you understand its magic. The track contains some cool female voices talking about the future of childern, animals and the enviroment. For sure a track with a message.

The 6th track comes from Dutch talent Jaap Ligthart. His track Sjeesus is a well balanced more Tech House orientated stomper with a fingerlicking synthriff and catchy drive and bassline. A perfect warming up tune for a great night out or a convertible drive along the shore with your girl.

The 7th track comes from Argentina producer Mariano Pompeo. Japan is a setstarter pur sang. A solid percussion loop and absolutely perfectely warm and bold bassline, combine with Proggy synthstabs and dirty Fx’s makes this track a feel good track for a great night out..

The 8th track comes from new breed and very promising talent from Hungary Napalm. It is hard why this guy hasn’t been picked up by other Prog House labels yet. Long Journey is the perfectely balanced track with a clear sound and lots of depth. Eachtime you hear new elements that you hadn’t heard the time before. This is true Progressive from the heart. Expect more work from Napalm in autumn this year.

The 9th track comes from Neel V. With this track you can’t go wrong. Illicit Dreams is acidic spooky track with a rocksolid drive. Somehow this tracks feels polished but it has some raw edges because of a soaring sine synthsound that goes up and down. Together with very clever programmed percussion, other cool fx’s and an old school synthriff this track easily could become a peaktime floorfiller.

The 10th track comes from Greek producer OrelseWords Unspoken is a Tech House track with just one mission: Make You Dance.  A chugging rhythm some hype synthsstabs, arps and freaky synthlines are creating a steamy atmosphere for some wild dancefloor adventure.

The 11th track comes from Snorkle. Eger is not a traditional Deep House track. A chugging deep driven groove, some organstabs, swirlling and bubbling synthlines, weird spaced out fx’s, crispy percussion and a gorgeous break turns this track into a swirrlinghypnotic adventure where you will lose your sense for time and space.

Track number 12 comes from Finland. Ville N. delivers a more Prog-Trance orientated track called Cosmos. Build upon a percussion loop a complex structure of soundslayers has been created. This is a heart touching track with an emotional feel of lonelyness during a cold winter in Finland.