Sonsez – Weightless

The 187th release on LuPS Records sees another return of an artist who had an earlier release on the label. Serdar Dumlu aka Sonsez returns with aTech House Prog track with a solid drive and a dark feel. The track takes of with a crispy percussion groove which all along the way get filled up with deep syntstabs, a dark prog bass and other raw elements. This is a solid warming up tune.

The first remix comes from Mlab. His remix just goes way beyond time and space. It is so far from the Original but every now and then you hear snippets fropm the original synthstabs. It breaths, inhales, sounds spacey and spooky and leaves you behind with a sensational weightless Alice In Wonderland feeling and experience. In other words this is tripping on beats.

The second remix comes from Angga. It is Angga his debut on the label and he instantly delivers a great remix of Weightless. His remix simply just can’t be denied. When dropping this track to a dancefloor attention will be garanteed. Angga created a monsterous deep growling groove with a devastating bassline. On top he placed a handfull of synstabs, crispy spacey fx’s and a hypnotizing arpline. This is deep dark prog to the max which easily can set a dancefloor on fire.

The last remix comes from CJ Art. Also he returns to LuPS for a majestic remix. His Anti-Gravity remix is justcrispy clear and contains a great beatstructure. Artur managed to create a spacey weightless  feeling in his remix. Besides some original synthstabs Artur also did alot of additional production work. Like adding cool male spoken samples, pads, white noises, female voices and new arplines. Alltogether this remix has become a quality production.

Release date: December 12th, 2013