Sonsez – Out Of My Mind

The 135th release on LuPS Records comes from Sonsez.  His Original track takes off with a great intro without any beats, which makes it a perfect setstarter. Then when the kickdrum and the dark bassline are coming you surely agree that the Original of Out Of My Mind is a decent rocking tune with a superb groove and drive. This is progressive like it sounded it 10 years ago. Timeless, hypnotic and spooky.

The 1st remix comes from Volkan Erman. Volkan managed to keep the haunting and spooky vibe of the original track alive allthough the fact that this remix is more stripped down. However all together his remix is more dreamy, moody and darker then the original.

The 2nd remix comes from Stanisha. He took the title very serious and made an trippy out of his mind version. This remix contains the true type Stanisha blueprint. Fragile beats, fx’s all over the place, tweaked samples, long reverbs and delays. This remix is hypnotic, chugging and groovy.

The last remix comes from Greece. Psychowsky delivered a very strong remix. His Mind Ove Matter remixes is just a big Trance / Tech House ride. A superb groove with a devastating snare and arped bassline are setting the pace for a big room peaktime hour adventure. Towards the breakdown it all gets more tensed with some great breakbeats and Trancy melodylines and mellow synthlines. A sure shot.

 Release date: December 19th, 2012