Snorkle – YK 212

LuPSRec 095 brings Hungarian talent Snorkle. With his not so average style Snorkle is carving himself a niche and paving himself a way into today’s prog house scene. His track YK 212 is a more experimental and somehow industrial sounding track. A big buzzing sound has been used as a gimmick together with a swirrling arpline and and a Techno synthstab. Alongside these elements a few eerie melodylines are flying in and out together with a handfull of weird fx’s.  Not an average track for sure but one that growes after each listening.

First remix comes from Franzis-D. His remix contains a more consistent groove and vibe. Also here the buzzing sound, swirrling arp and the eerie melodylines find its place on top of a soem solid percussion work. To top it of Franzis added a few new melodylines and synthsstabs. Dark and spooky.

The 2nd remix comes from Stanisha. His remix goes deep and way beyond immagination. A hypnotic groove with dreamy elements and a morphed guitarsound puts you into a late night summerish chillin vibe on the beach. A perfect setopener.

As a bonus Stanisha delivered a second and for definite excellent remix. Actually this remix is a perfect blend of Stanisha other remix and the original version. It contians a steamy sexy tribalpercussion loop that easily could set a dancefloor on fire. Combined with a soaring new smelodyline and some very cool male voxphrases in the break you can’t go wrong when dropping this track.  If this track doesn’t move you then there is something seriously wrong with your feet.

Release date: July 11th, 2012