Sjoerd Korsuize – Virage EP

The 66th release of LuPS features a two track EP by Dutch talent Sjoerd Korsuize.
After a few remixes and a Original on the Spread It Till I Die Sampler 003 it is now time for two more Deep House tracks.

Virage contains a soft hypnotic vibe and  is the perfect warming up tune or afterparty track.  Waves of eerie pads and synthlines pulsating with an undeniable momentum towards the break where some weird female vox fx’s are dropping in. After the breakdown everything gets back together to create a dreamy atmosphere that doesn’t let you go.

The 1st remix of Virage comes from Maxi Iborquiza. This remix is old-school to the max. A big bassline and some crispy percussion does the job. To top it in style you’ll find those famous synthstabs and old-school piano sound. If you wouldn’t know better you truly would believe that this remix has been made in the early 90’s.

The 2nd remix comes from labelowner Jacco@Work. His reinterpretation contains those acidic elements and disturbed which his sound is familair with. Upon a bouncing groove the result here is a mesmerizing, dreamy acidic track that just does the job well in a warm up set.

The 3rd remix coems from Romanian producer ManGroove. What he has done to the Original is simply amazing.  This remix is instant hands in the air from the first note. A dirty electro bassline a fistfull of tight programmed percussion, a catchy syntstab and a female vocalsnippet is all you need for a peaktime floorfiller. Success garanteed.

The other Original from Sjoerd is called Kennis. He delivers a warm and deep progressive house track which contains moody melodies, soaring synths and an epic breakdown which create an emotive atmosphere.

The only remix of Kennis coems from Russian producer MISHAlekseev. His remix is a monster in disguise. This is dark progressive breaks to the max that for sure should bring up memories of many great breaks productions from the glory days of the progressive sound. The big sweeping bassline eerie synths and bubbling  lines are epic and goosebumping  to say the least.

The final track of this EP is a Jacco@Work rework of a previous released track of Sjoerd Korsuize called Gloom. The Rework is close to the Original version but contains a the complete new beatstructure and new percussive elements which give the track a steady flow and vibe.