Sjoerd Korsuize – Blackbird EP

LuPS it’s 079 th release brings back Dutch producer Sjoerd Korsuize with again a two track EP.
The Original version of Blackbird is a nice summerish track with a great breathing and lushy atmosphere. Lovely eerie soundscapes and a warm bassline. Surely the perfect track for a good night at the beach this summer and one of Sjoerd his  best tracks to date.

The remix of Blackbird comes from Franzis-D.  He delivers a deep and yet  moody remix which captures the same feeling as the Original version. Also here that lushy, dreamy and floating atmosphere is the thing that grabs the attention.

The other Original track from Sjoerd is called Flowers. Once again an easy groove sets the pace for what will turn out into a swirling track with a great arppregioriff that comes and go. A warm bumping bassline tops it all of.

The remix of Flowers has been done by Maxi Iborquiza. One of LuPS staff remixers. His re-interpretation goes deep and way beyond imagination. A deep resonating bassline, a handfull of fx’s a new arpline in the break and a deep kickdrum with crispy percussion takes you on a fantasy voyage.