Simon Firth – Chaos

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Simon Firth is back on LuPS. This time with a very strong Original track called Chaos. The Original is a true type Firth track based upon the old-school English Progressive House sound that never seems to lose its power. From the first note until the last one Chaos grabs you by the throat and simply doesn’t let you go.

Growling baselines, high pitched synth sounds, swirling pads and a firm rhythm structure makes this track a stand out.

1st remix comes from one of the 3 producers behind C.O.U. Muzik. Stevie Fitz created a slamming version. Crispy percussion, a pulsating baseline and some sharp fx’s are taking this track to a higher level. A sure shot when played on the right moment.

2nd remix comes from Genuine Mien. This rookie from Hungary delivered a more Techno remix this time in nothing less then Genuine Mien style. A sidechained synthline is the backbone of this remix. On top very crispy clear percussion, a firm kickdrum and some weird fx’s. This remix just goes deep!

3rd remix comes from Maxi Iborquiza. Without a doubt this is one of Maxi his best remixes so far. The Original version is hardly recognisable here. Maxi added much of his own. A cosy, warm and hard to resist baseline, together with some very danceable percussion makes this remix a perfect warming up track that for sure hits the right spot.