Silvio Guiterrez – Nothing Is The Same

LuPS Records it’s 124th release brings relative new producer from Argentina called Silvio Guiterrez. Silvio delivers a rather moody and melancholic prog house track with lushy pads and an angelic fragile atmosphere. This track sneaks under your skin and is very soothing. A promising debut on LuPS.

The first remix comes from Charly Aguada. Another relative newbee in the scene who is rapidly making name and fame. Once again Charly managed to create an anticipating remix. With a big kickdrum and a handfull of crispy percussion Charly creats a solid drive. Combined with a looped synth sawstab and a tweaked arpline this all leads to a hypnotic and trippy ride.

The last remix comes from Viktor K. Viktor is one of those producers who keeps the good old prog sound alive. This remix is no exception. His remix kicks of with a fragile spacey pad and after 30 seconds the classic prog house beats and bassline are kicking in. This remix really shoots you back into time when the tracks from for example Subsky where hot.

Release date: November 7th, 2012