Silicon Syndicate – Nailed Down

LuPSRec 147 sends a new duo to the frontlines of today Progressive House Scene. Long time friends Kent Friedman and Hugh Sharpe have been living quietly in New York City The duo have just two productions credits (an EP for Icarus Creations and an EP for Mystique Music) on their discography thus far, but recently they are quickly carving themselves a nice into the scene with their fresh psy Prog style.  Their track Nailed Down reflects the duo’s style perfectly.

The original is a superb blend of old school psychedelic sounds combined with progressive sensibility and subtleness. The track kicks of with a big groove which contains a slappy bassline. On top the duo placed some tribal percussion lines and a handfull of smooth hypnotic lines, mild acid hooks and subtle melodic elements to build up the track as it grows. Then the softer atmospheres drop out in favour of a second and more pronounced 303 acidline which is a cool eyewink towards the classic acid trance days from the 90s.

The first remix of Nailed Down comes from another fast rising duo in the scene. Cut Knob handed over a deeper and more moody remix with a chugging groove. On top they created a deep swirling pavement of well blended sounds which causes an unmeasurable depth. Top notch remix.

The last remix comes from labelboss Jacco@Work himself. He created once again a solid danceable groove with a lushy vibe. As the track grows and moves onwards he just inserts all the hypnotic lines, acid hooks and subtle melodic elements of the Original to create a foggy and sultry atmospshere. Then the breakdown appears and when it all comes back to getter the track really takes of with a breakbeat and the more pronouced acid 303 line.


Release date: February 6th, 2013