Silicon Syndicate – Freefall EP

Silicon Syndicate is back for a new two track EP called Freefall. After their very well received release Nailed Down they now deliver another striong package. Freefall and Plan R. Both originals are a great blend of old school psychedelic sounds combined with progressive sensibility and subtleness suitable for peaktime hour madness. Both the tracks are kicking of with big irresitable pounding grooves. On top you’ll find the tribal percussionlines and a strong fistfull of smooth hypnotic synthriffs, crunchy acid hooks and subtle melodic elements. No way to escape from the dancefloor when dropping these tunes.

Napalm & d-phrag layed their hands on both Originals and squeezed out two very good and strong remixes. Both remixes are contain alot of energy. Especially their remix of Freefall hits the right spot and takes you towards dancefloor heaven. This is pure deep and trancey prog at it’s best.The other remix of Freefall comes from fast rising artist AudioStorm. He delivers a more deeper and moody version with a hypnotic touch and a gorgeous breakdown section halfway the track.

The last remix on this EP comes from Loquai. Konstantin seems to have no problem with delivering quality stuff all the time. His remix of Plan R just rocks. A big groove, soothing arps and dreamy pads are combined with a bassline which really push the track forwards towards the breakdown where a deep growling bassline grabs you. In the beakground you hear a heartbeat which turns into a breakbeat which is rebuilding the energy. Then when the track takes of again there is just one remedie. Dance till you drop.


Release date: March 13th, 2013