Silcon Syndicate – Solid State

It is time for the Syndicate again. The hot duo from New York which are rapidly carving themselves a nice into today’s Prog House scene with the great unique blend of analog old school sounds and modern Tech House. Their new single on LuPS is no exception. Solid State captures a haunting spirit and atmosphere. The track kicks off with a huge pounding kickdrum and steady percussion. As the track develops the duo introduces a pumping dark bassline and couple of great filtered acidic synthlines and oldschool Tech House stabs. This track simply rocks and shakes the ground and crawls and sneaks into your mind to finally leave you with a dazzling, buzzing brain.

The first remix comes from AudioStorm. He delivers a totally different version by using a short snippet of the bassline and one of acidlines. Together with a couple of new elements like lushy pads and crispy danceable swinging beatstructure he turned the raw dark Original into a clubby Tech House track.

The second remix comes from Israelian duo Mr.Raf & Hezi Rachmani. With their more Prog Tech Trance style they are diving into the deep. The result is a dark, even more haunting version of Solid State with a hands in the air breakdown section to turn a dancefloor upside down. This is a peaktime hour bomb in disguise with a undeniable groove and energy.

The last remix comes from Stanisha. What he did with the Original version is simply amazing as goosebumping, because what happens when you give this talented producer a remixpack filled up with acidic sounds, dark basslines and oldschool synthstabs. Well you surely need to check it out. Stansiha squeezed out a very deep oozing, floating and druggy track which grabs you from the first note. He filled up his remix with all sorts of spooky moviesounds, crispy fx’s and couple of new melodies all on top of a demanding tight programmed unstoppable tribal groove with a pulsating bassline. If you want to make your crowd insane then drop this remix. Success garenteed.

Release date: April 9th, 2014