SeamLess Beat & Phoebus – Endless

The 234th release on LuPS Records sees the return of the duo SeamLess Beat & Phoebus. Once again they are delivering an more old-school bassed progressive track with a gritty basslinestab and floating dreamy pads. Besides that they added a few female vocalsnippets and a gorgeous fragile flute melody to give the whole track an even more atmospheric balearic feel.

The first remix comes from SeamLess Beat himself. Without a doubt you can hear the inspiration for the original track in this remix. It does contain the same sort of atmosphere and like the track Morenas – Hazme SoƱar from 1989. Eerie synthlines, dreamy female vocals, crispy percussionlines and a couple of arplines is all you for another balearic version of Endless.

The second remix comes from Scott Williams. His reinterpretation of Endless is more uptempo and also a bit darker and demanding then the original. Tight percussionlines are causing a perfect drive which are following the bassline fluidly. On top Scott placed the the eerie pads in the background and added a couple of new raw gritty bassounds to top it all of.

The last remix coems from Billy Alex. His remix just goes deep and contains a great bassline. Together with well programmed almost live sounding percussionlines Billy Alex managed to create a infectious groove. Also here on top of the groove the eerie magical pads found a place to give the whole track a laidback fairytail atmosphere.