Robert R. Hardy – Aesthetics

The 230 rd release sees the debut of Robert R. Hardy on the label. He delivers a gorgeous and soulfull track which is a perfect setstarter. The tracks starts with a couple of quirky sounds and buzzing noises and a crispy percussionloop. As the track develops the whole atmosphere turns into a warm bath of dreamy melodylines, oozing pads, harmonic spacial vocalspads and a goosebumping very emotional melody during the breakdown section which brings the complete track alive and pushes it to unmeasurable highths.

The first remix comes from Sebastian Schetter. His remix just goes deep and dives into an imaginary world. A hypnotic looped synthstab is forming the background for an outerspace journey in full effect. All sorts of synthstabs, delayed guitarriffs and spaced out voices are creating a fairytail moment. Solid remix.

The second remix comes from Mistol Team. It is his second remix for LuPS and a good one so to speak. This more uptempo Tech House remix contains an infectious groove which surely makes it a great setbuilder. On top of this groove Mistol Team placed a carpet of long pads, tiny percussion elements and arplines to create a hypnotic, druggy atmosphere. Another solid remix.

The last remix comes from Loquai. After a period of absence he returns to LuPS for a massive Loquai crafted remix. From the first not till the end this remix take syou on a journey. This remix has been perfectly build up. The growling dark bassline is developing itself during the track very well and together with the cripsy clear percussion this remix contains one of the most demanding grooves since years. For sure this remix will set a dancefloor on fire and will surely rock many dancefloors and radioshows around the globe.