RedLoft & Matias Chilano – Anxiety EP pt2 : Sea Fields

This is part 2 of the Anxiety EP.
After the well received 1st part RedLoft & Matias Chilano returning with another great slice of deep moody prog house. Again eerie moody strings and swirling pads are combined and blend together to create a unique atmosphere. And once again the perfect, baseline, beats and percussionstructure tops it of to create a perfect warm up track.

New breed talent from Hungary Aydan shows his strength by introducing himself with a very strong remix. Allthough close to the original this remix breaths out just a bit more strenght. Perfect beats and a solid baseline are the backbone of this fantasy voyage.

After his massive Hemisphere EP on LuPS, East Cafe got some sparetime left to create a stunning remix of Sea Fields. Like no one else East Cafe knows how to make atmospheric tracks. this Pacific Remix is no exception. It contains all the usual East Cafe ingredients to keep the listener interested.

Back on LuPS for a remix is F-Project.
And how? This is a deep, bleepy, acidic moody ride. This remix explores every corner of your subconsiousness without knowing. A great groove keeps everything in shape. This is soothing music and salvation for the soul.