RedLoft & Matias Chilano – Anxiety EP pt1 : Anxiety

This 19th release on LuPS is an EP which including a team up by two talented producers who already have shown their capability to create danceable prog-house orientated track.

The 1st track of this EP is called Anxiety . The Original just hits the right spot with its eerie moody stringsounds and swirling pads, a stunning break together with perfect beats and percussion combined with a lovely baseline, this is a perfect warm up track.

After being out of sight for a while Yoonior from Poland is back on LuPS for a remix and how? He managed to rework the Original into a very sexy grooving piece of Deep House with a old school touch and feel. This remix does its work well in the late night hours.

New on LuPS is Namatjira aka Joost van der Vleuten. He managed to turn the Original into a “very sexy warm Balearic piece music which got to be played when the sun goes down”. For sure this remix puts you in the mood for booking another trip to Ibiza or any other cosy sandy beach around the globe.

The last remix comes from Phasebase – undeniably a veteran on the progressive house scene. Without a doubt this a top notch remix which will rock many dancefloors for sure! A firm baseline is combined here with blunted beats, slick percussion and some very catchy sharp synth stabs. On top of it all there are the eerie synthlines of the Original work.
This remix does shakes your pants, makes you scream and beg for more and will leave you behind with a sensation that you just can’t believe what you’ve just heard.