Psychowsky – Beyond The Words Of Silence

LuPS 074th release brings an Original track from Greek producer Psychowsky. Beyond The Words Of Silence is classic and pure progressive house track with a touch of Trance.  The Original contains some solid heart breaking rolling drums and a rather catchy synth stab some fine melodic riffings and great pads. This is candy for your ears.

The first remix comes from Berzek. His remix is slightly more housey and contains a deep driving baseline and some fine vox stabs. On top of this superb groove you will find the great melodic riffings and pads and of course that catchy synth stab.

The second remix comes from Dutch talent Sjoerd Korsuize. His remix is more Tech House based and contains also a steady rhythmstructure and a complete new resonating bassline and a few new elements. Also the ctachy synth stab is there again.

The last remix comes from Swiss uber-talented proucer F-act. He created a absolute stunning beauty of a remix. This remix touches every corner of your soul, mind and body and leave you behind with a dazzling sensational feeling. Fasten your seatbelts when you put this one on, as you will be rocketered into the sky. This is music that is indeed beyond the words of silence.