Pierre Sebastiano – Vanguard Road 303

Newbreed talent Pierre Sebastiano makes his debut on LuPS with a solid Tech-House track. The original track is a subtle set builder which contains all the juicy elements like eerie angelpads, synthstabs, 303 acidlines all laid on top of a more then rocksolid baseline.

Alongside the original there are 3 remixes to complete this first part of Pierre his EP.

The Royal Sapien Remix is just a lushy deep trance experience which even gives rebirth to the good old ‘You’d better” percussionloop! Hearing is believing.

The Yoonior Remake goes even deeper and with a more Housey edge this track surely does it work very well in warm up set.

Last but not least the Soundstorm Remix is one big Deep House adventure. This remix does it’s work in a rather subtle way. Lushy lovely pads, a big wobbly baseline, crispy percussion and cool female vocalsnippets is all that’s necessary to light a fire. If you are into Timewriter stuff then without a doubt you will like this one for sure.