Pierre Sebastiano – Twinkle EP

The 42nd release brings back Pierre Sebastiano. This time with a sparkling EP called Twinkle.
The Original is based upon a solid percussionloop that hits you from the start. After a minute a very catchy baseline drops in which really pushes the track forwards. On top of the groove you will find many layers of arped sounds and melodies and even the old school pianostabs returning . Twinkle is simply a feel good track made for dancing.

The first remix comes from Repton & Goldberg. These two guys explored the deeper side of music and are delivering a more laidback balleric remix. Some new sounds have been added to create a lushy atmospehere.

The second remix comes from Franzis-D. A new fast moving rookie from Spain. He kept his remix close to the Original but added a firm kickdrum and some new percussion elements. The old-school piano riff from the Original returns in this remix.

The last remix comes from Jacco@Work. His re-interpretation of Twinkle contains a slick steady driving groove, a new baseline and some new more techy elements. This remix is more haunting and a bit more twisted but very danceable.