PhoniLogic – Alux Freq

Hailing from Mexico, Hamilt Robles aka PhoniLogic brings a groovy deep chugging Tech House track. A more downtempo groove with crispy percussion and a deep resonanting bassline pad is causing a hypnotic atmosphere. Together with tweaked female vocalsnippets, eerie pads and tiny melodies this track brings you into a higher atmospheric state of mind.

The first remix comes from Dutch duo Analog Effect. Once again they’ve added their unique Analog Effect flavour to this remix,. Clever well programed percussion, a new bassline and a couple of new additional sounds are creating a swirling and foggy atmosphere. This is a create setbuilder.

The last remix comes from Ilya Gerus.With his Sudden Love Remix Ilya takes a complete different route. This remix is a true little gem. it contains a releaxed gloomy and magical atmosphere. His remix oozes depth and it grabs your soul and makes you mesmerize about your life and your way of being.
Surely one of Ilya’s best remixes to date!

Release date: February 12th, 2014