Phoebus & SeamLess Beat – Horus

The 227th release on LuPS Records brings a collab track between Antonis Georgiadis aka Phoebus from Greece and Nick Newman aka SeamLess Beat from the USA. The Original version is a classic prog tribal influenced track with quite a sinister dark and hypnotic atmosphere. The track contains a few spaced out female voices and vocals and a handfull of dazzling deep pads. This is a pure late night hour Prog House track. The Phoebus Extended Mix sounds quite similiar to the Original version but it contains a different intro and a longer arrangement.

The first remix comes from Experimental Feelings. This rmeix is close to the Original and also contains a tribal rhythm structure but with a different dark demanding bassline the overall sound is quite different. Also here the main elements like the deep atmosphere and female vocals are presence.

The last remix comes from Julian Dep. He took a completely different route by creating a demanding classic crispy prog house groove with on top a couple of new additional soundspads, female voxsnippets. Just halfway the track Julian introduces a gorgeous tiny arped bellsound melody which really enhances the whole arangement and track. Another quality remix from this upcoming Argentinian producer.

Release date: July 9th, 2014