Peres – Nameless EP

LuPSRec 101 sees the return of Polish producer Peres. As always Peres delivers interesting quality tracks. This two track EP with remixes contains two excellent Originals called Nameless and Rongi. Nameless is a more downtempo moody track with a stuttering syntstab and long woven soundlayers and cripsy percussion and a warm bold bassline. A perfect setopener. Rongi is a deep tune and contains that more old school progressive feel from a decade ago. Also this track is a great setopener.

The 1st remix of Nameless comes from Furkan Colak. A firm kickdrum, crispy percussion and a deep sub bassline are the new ellements for a remix that is somehow close to the original but in a different way. More uptempo and very suitable a build up track in DJ sets.

The 2nd remix comes from Jaap Ligthart. This Dutch producer is rapidly making progress lately with rocksolid bootlegs and exciting own productions. Also Jaap kept it close to the original work of Peres but with his own typical driving percussion and clever arrangement. A deep moody tune for those late night moments.

The last remix comes from G ‘N’ P Tauro. His remix is totally different then the one from Furkan, Jaap and the Original. G ‘N’ P Tauro stripped down the original to its bones and rebuild it in a rather minimal pounding steamy groove in which only the synthstab of the Original can be find. This is spooky dark stuff!

Releasedate: July 4th, 2012