Peres – Melan

LuPSRec 119 brings a new track by Polish producer Peres. The track is called Melan and is a deep and moody track with a great flow. Dreamy pads and a big buzzing stab are matching very well with eachother. Towards the breakdown the track gets more intense. Then when the breakdown appears Peres introduces a few new elements to build a spooky haunting atmosphere.

The first remix comes from a new kid on the block.  Dutch producer Bas Visser who calls himself The Kinetic Movement is delivering a very fragile and breakable remix with lovely melodylines, flutes and old school synthstabs. All on top of a more Techno rhythmstructure. This combination is truly unique and reminds at the early days of the Detroit house sound.

The last remix comes from another Dutch producer who already made some good name. Jaap Ligthart delivers a stomping remix. A deep resonating bassline which holds on for a long time is the gimmick of this steamy remix which also captures an old school Detroit flavour. Halfway the track during the breakdown a couple of catchy synthlines are showing up. Then you really think that you are lsitening to an old Kevin Saunderson track.

Release date: December 5th, 2012