Ozgur Ozkan – Forget

Ozgur Ozkan signed his track Forget for the 89th release on LuPS. His Original is a dreamy deep piece of Prog House. A deep hypnotic groove pushes the track forward. On top you’ll find wide layers of sounds, fx’s and all kind of voxsnippets.

The first remix comes from Maxi Iborquiza. His remix contains a bouncing bassline and some crispy clear percussion elements. Maxi tweaked the original samples to build a rather cool track in his own unique style. Halfway the break some new syntlines are being introduce which makes this remix even more darker then the original.

The second remix comes from Stefan DJordjevic. His tribal approach surely hits the right spot. This remix is just made for one thing and that’s dancing your ass off. Dark as pure Swiss choclate this dark tribal remix shows you every corner of the dancefloor and turns your audiospeakers into a smokemachine.

The last remix comes from Jaap Ligthart. Perhaps this remix is one of Jaap’s best one to date. From the first note to the last this remix rock s! Jaap managed to blend together a few percussionloops in a superb way to create a rocksolid flow. When the heavy weight deep bellsound drops in and the light weight appreggio sound hits your soul, then you know that there is simply no way to escape. You are caught in a groove. A peaktime hour sureshot.