Outrageous Okonas – Atrificial Hip

The 68th release on LuPS comes from (former) Dutch production duo Outrageous Okonas. Artificial Hip contains a solid groove with an undeniable appeal and a rather catchy synth chord that adds an immense flow.  As the atmosphere builds up with some eerie synthlines and a saw synthstab that goes up and down,  a perfect blend of  melodies,  keys and hypnotic elements are building up towards the break where a new leadline gets introduced. Then the whole track takes off. A peaktime hour track.

The 1st remix comes from talented Russian producer Bob Fanzidon. His remix is more Tech House orientated and contains a steady pounding groove with a rocking bassline and some cool fx’s. On top the leadline of the Original does it’s work again. Another great setbuilder.

The 2nd remix comes from Erdi Irmak. This fast upcoming producer from Turkey shows how to remix a track to make it even more appealing. This remix is just one piece of sucking and chugging stuff. Slick and very well programmed percussion and a gritty bassline are creating a cavernous groove with an undeniable dancefloor touch. Combined with bigroom sunthstabs you simply can’t go wrong. A sure shot.

The last remix comes from recently discovered Russian producer Satiny. This remix contains a very well programmed groove. On top you’ll find the typical Satiny trancy elements like eerie pads, swells, synthstabs and organs. They all takes you back to the early days of Trance. Without a doubt this remix is one of Satiny’s best works to date.