Novalex – Aerosoul

The 183th release on the label brings an Original track from Alexander Novikov aka Novalex. hailing from Keremovo Russia, Alexander delivers a soulpiercing track. It contains a clever programmed but complex rhythm structure which gives the ttrack an unusual feel and groove. On top of this groove Alexander placed a dark growling bassline and an emotional heart touching Moog sweeping pad which seems to sing like a crying dolphin. You can hear that Alexander put his entire soul into this track because it all sounds very natural and straight from the heart

.The first remix comes from Stanisha. His Deep & Dark remix of Aerosoul contains a deep chugging groove with a lot of air and space. It all sounds very fragile but the magnificent drive underneath the breathing sounds makes this track a mindless groover. A perfect warming up tune or a cooling down track for those very late night hours.

The last remix comes from Ewan Rill. His remix takes off with a swirling arpline and a crispy groove. Once the simple but clever bassline drops in the track starts to come a live. As the track moves forwards Ewan introduces the sweeping Moog pad melodyline. Together with a short vox snippet and a sidechanged raw basslinestab he manages to create a very atmospheric track which dives into your soul and explores each corner of it. Once again Ewan proves that he is a producer to keep a close eye on. Superb remix.

Release date: October 30th, 2013